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The long wait is over! The unbelievable Star Wars saga carries on with its newest installment - the Force Awakens. The movie is out in theatres and experts combined with the audience praise it for bringing the great old nature of the traditional trilogy back on the screens. After the disastrous prequels most of the people thought that the fate of the Star Wars franchise is closed, yet thanks to Disney and also director J.J. Abrams - the person behind Star Trek as well as Star Trek Into Darkness, we once more are able to embark on a nostalgic journey through a tremendously in depth in addition to really thrilling world.

With that said, the movie is actually good - old fans of the franchise is going to be definitely amazed by particulars and the way caring the director is on the classic trilogy. The look of Han Solo (reprised once more by Harrison Ford) is among the greatest moments in the movie. The set parts are fantastic, the results are breathtaking and also the tone reminds us of A New Hope, that's just what most people were hoping to find. Having said that, as opposed to casting some extremely well-known Hollywood celebrities for the lead roles in the film, Abrams went with a person less identified as well as cast Daisy Ridley as one of the main film protagonists. In all honesty, it absolutely was a superb choice. For starters, we have not seen Daisy in other big films, so we don't even think of her in keeping with her other roles - she is Rey and she is marvelous. She has this extraordinary charisma, helping to make her screen presence much more extraordinary.

Daisy Ridley Rey is an extremely fascinating personality. She's relatively similar to Luke Skywalker along with without giving too much away, this likeness may have an effect on her afterwards in the movie. The actress offered a tremendous performance, so it is no surprise at all that Daisy Ridley Star Wars is gathering a cult following. The closing of Force Awakens plainly signifies that we're going to see a completely new film next year and the fresh trilogy offers to be exceptionally magnificent indeed. Daisy as one of the main heroes is designed for the role and if you wish to find out about the celebrity, if not have a look at her bio and learn how she became in Star Wars to start with.

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